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Government is the Devil's Business

For 400 years, the “devil’s advocate” was a lawyer appointed by the Roman Catholic Church to argue against promoting a candidate to sainthood, like a pro bono attorney for the prosecution instead of the defense. The devil’s advocate argued, even if he didn’t believe it, that the alleged miracles didn’t actually happen or happened in a non-miraculous way, or that the evidence was phony or weak or suspect. In other words, the devil’s advocate personified due diligence.

Don't Bank on It: What We Really Celebrate On Presidents Day

If you want proof that government is slow, irrelevant and counterproductive, you can just think back to the Monday two weeks ago when you didn’t have to work. We call it President’s Day, and we think we’re celebrating the birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

But we’re not.

Here in Connecticut, we had already celebrated Lincoln’s birthday the previous Monday. It was only a state holiday, of course, and so most people worked.

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