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Never Say Never Again

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Fairfield County Weekly (May 9, 2007) Link

The Libertarian lessons to be drawn from Victory in Europe Day? Government is not your friend!

World War II ended in Europe with Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 1945, 62 years ago this past Tuesday. Within two months of V.E. Day, the Stamford War Council had disbanded.

Shoot the Editor

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Fairfield County Weekly (May 3, 2007) Link

Do you have rights that the government protects for you, or do you have privileges that the government grants you?

Last week, Weekly editor Tom Gogola called for a repeal to the Second Amendment, partially in response to my column describing how tragedies tend to lead to totalitarianism.

He posed two arguments: one, that the right being protected by the amendment is the unnecessary right to overthrow our government, and two, that gun ownership ought to be a privilege, not a right. Which is it?

Shoes, Shooters, and Shampoos: Do Tragedies Lead to Totalitarianism?

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Fairfield County Weekly (April 26, 2007) Link

Why do free countries tend to become less free with time? The quote in the sidebar offers one famous but depressing view, the idea being that the majority eventually learns to vote for itself the property of the minority.

Every Day Should Be Patriot's Day

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Fairfield County Weekly (April 19, 2007) Link

Do you know why you had an extra day to file your taxes this year? It’s because in 1775 we fought for our freedom, for less taxes, and for independence. Two hundred and thirty two years later, all we have to show for it is one day? Is that what our patriots died for?

Back then, a three-cent tax on tea got colonists up in arms. They threatened to tar and feather the tax collectors. They threw 45 tons of British tea into Boston Harbor. They risked everything to fight an underdog war for liberty against the world’s strongest empire.

Income Taxes are Baaaad

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Fairfield County Weekly (April 12, 2007) Link

When I ran for Congress last year, one debate organizer didn’t want to include me because I had strong words on my website, for example, calling income taxes a form of theft. They were afraid I’d pepper the debate with salty language—but they soon saw the light and invited me.

Tax Weirdos

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Fairfield County Weekly (April 5, 2007) Link

Why do people believe in astrology, ESP, ghosts, and the income tax?

There is no established theory yet but there are some common factors, and Skeptic magazine publisher Michael Shermer outlines them in his recent book, Why People Believe in Weird Things . These factors apply just as easily to the income tax as to aliens, witches, and communing with the dead.

The Republocratarian: Maymin responds to vicious lies about him printed by a local newspaper (not this one)

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Fairfield County Weekly (April 1, 2007) Link

I’m writing this week to deny the baseless rumors about me expected to be printed in the Sunday edition of the Connecticut Gazette-Compass.

The newspaper will supposedly print two so-called facts. One is that I am in the unique position of having had both the Democrats and the Republicans approach me about running for the 2008 Congressional election in the fourth district, and I have accepted both offers. The other is that both parties are willing to cross-endorse me, essentially making the election itself a moot point.

Maymin's Complaint

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Fairfield County Weekly (March 22, 2007) Link

(Editor’s note: Libertarian columnist Phil Maymin took issue with the artwork and some of the text that accompanied his March 8 piece and sent the following letter to former U.S. congressman Rob Simmons. Maymin CC’d us on the letter and we’re reprinting it here. We’ll only address Phil’s last point and let readers and him know that our failure to delete the line he cites was an unintentional deadline-hour oversight.)

Dear Mr. Simmons,

The Big Hand

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Fairfield County Weekly (March 22, 2007) Link

Daylight savings is a goverment-mandated waste of time

Like you, I set my clocks forward nearly a month earlier than usual this year. The reason? A new 551-page law passed by Congress in 2005.

Noah Way Home

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Fairfield County Weekly (March 15, 2007) Link

The War in Iraq finds it's historical antecedent in a great Biblical flood

Tuesday, March 20, marks the four-year anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. Why have we been there so long?

It’s not because it’s a global conflict: our involvements in both world wars were shorter. It’s not because the conflict is so far away: it took less than three years to reach a cease-fire in the Korean war. It’s not because autonomy and disputes about independence are so complex: even our own Civil War was over by now.

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