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Socialized Jet Skis

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Fairfield County Weekly (7/19/07) Link

Want to know what socialized health care will look like? Go no farther than Stamford’s beach at Shippan Point.

Once there, you’ll have to ask around discreetly. “Hey, buddy,” is a well-established opener. You want to channel the spirit of ticket scalpers as you walk along, randomly shouting out the phrase, “Jet ski,” not because you want one, certainly not, officer, I said, “Chess key,” because that game really is critical to life and peace and harmony and you have a nice day too, officer.

Here's a Tip: How we all get rooked by the union label

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Fairfield County Weekly (7/11/07) Link

Why do we tip waitresses but not stewardesses? Why do we tip taxi drivers but not teachers, doctors or lawyers?

The answer: unions. Flight attendants and teachers are unionized; waitstaff and cabbies are not. Without unions, we pay people what they are personally worth, not what the average person in their industry is worth. You tip your masseuse because she is your masseuse (or masseur if you prefer a monsieur) and you want to reward her personally.

Winging It: Should airline security measures be optional for passengers?

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Fairfield County Weekly (7/5/07) Link

Take off your shoes, toss out your cologne, and open your wallet. No, that's not a pickup line. It's what our well-paid government has come up with to try to prevent the same things that didn't happen before from not happening again in the exact same way.

Richard Reid didn't blow up a plane by lighting plastic explosives hidden in his shoes.

Twenty-five people arrested in London last year didn't blow up any planes by using liquid explosives.

On the Offensive: Connecticut Yankees were once the first to take on oppressors

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Fairfield County Weekly (6/28/07) Link

Two hundred and thirty-one years ago this Monday, the United States was formed. Two days later, we issued our Declaration of Independence, a day we commemorate with hot dogs and fireworks.

One state declared its own independence before July 4th. One state had the guts and wisdom to reveal the moral basis of government. One state decreed that God inclined people to "set up and establish civil Government for the Protection and Security of their Lives and Properties from the Invasion of wicked Men."

The Book on Paul: Presidential candidate Ron Paul is the conscience of the Republican Party

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Fairfield County Weekly (6/20/07) Link, Valley Advocate (6/27/07)

Ron Paul is not your typical Republican presidential candidate, and that’s unfortunate for the Grand Ol’ Party. He’s the only one of ten GOP candidates who opposed the war in Iraq and he’s the only one who opposed the Patriot Act. Even Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama voted in favor of the Patriot Act, and Clinton voted in favor of the war in 2003. During the first debate between the crowded Republican field of candidates, Paul was asked if he really ought to be running as a Democrat. That’s a chilling indictment on the party of the first Ron, Ronald Reagan.

School Arrest: Compulsory education is a draconian, state-sanctioned punishment

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Fairfield County Weekly (6/13/2007) Link

Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) can seek custody of your children for “educational neglect,” a charge typically levied against homeschooling parents. But can educational neglect even be defined in a way that applies only to homeschooled students, excluding both publicly and privately schooled children?

Earth to Phil: Solutions to everyday problems, such as the destruction of the Earth

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Fairfield County Weekly (June 7, 2007) Link

The word “environment” gets people heated and passionate, especially in wealthy suburban areas like Fairfield County. Pseudoscience battles science, emotions battle logic, and government battles freedom, sometimes within the same person. No one wants to destroy Earth for future humans, but no one wants to make current humans suffer either.

We Are All Fiscal Conservatives Now

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Fairfield County Weekly (May 31, 2007) Link

But how far are local pols willing to go for economic freedom?

Sic Transfat Gloria Mundi: Keep the government out of my clogged arteries!

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Fairfield County Weekly (May 23, 2007) Link

That headline translates roughly to So swallows the glory of the world or Taste is fleeting .

Do you think lawmakers in Hartford should decide what you can eat when you go out in Greenwich or Stamford or Norwalk? Do you think they should keep unhealthy options away from you?

The Fleecing of Fairfield

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Fairfield County Weekly (May 16, 2007) Link

Fairfield County residents may be paying $5,211 more in taxes per person within the next four years thanks to the 2008 budget resolution passed by the House of Representatives, according to projections by the Heritage Foundation by the Heritage Foundation released last week.

The average individual’s taxes would go up by $3,026, but Fairfield County, and more specifically, the 4th Congressional District represented by Christopher Shays, would go up the most of any CD outside of New York.

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