Is It Constitutional? The one question legislators never seem to ask themselves would make their jobs much easier

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Fairfield County Weekly (11/26/2009), New Haven Advocate (11/26/2009)

You might think it is hard being a legislator: You have to come to work on a Saturday, read thousands of pages, debate, vote — what a mess! Those poor congressmen and senators, sacrificing their weekends and doing all they can to save a troubled nation, right? Nope. Being a legislator is easy. If you're having a hard time, you're doing it wrong.

No Jail for Non-Violent Crimes: A local radio host expounds a radically pro-freedom view

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Fairfield County Weekly (11/12/2009), New Haven Advocate (11/12/2009)

"Non-violent criminals should not be imprisoned," says Lisa Wexler.

All of them? I ask her.

"All of them. The only people who should be locked up are the ones that we don't want on the streets, the ones who mug or murder or rape." She pauses. "Wow, that's quite a statement I'm making. As a lawyer, I'm already thinking about the exceptions to the rule, but I do think that should be the general rule."

The Zombies of Autumn: You probably did two things last week that were weird and unnecessary

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Fairfied County Weekly (11/5/2009)

On Greenwich's liveliest and most decorated street, one house was dark on Halloween. Cars slowed to a crawl against the mass of trick-or-treaters and their parents enjoying the bright lights, spooky noises and buckets upon buckets of candy, but nobody turned into the single undecorated house, where every last light was off. It wasn't an abandoned or a haunted house; it was the rabbi's house.

The Right to Remain Loud: The government doesn't grant you the right to free speech. It only protects it.

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Fairfied County Weekly (10/29/2009), Hartford Advocate (10/29/2009)

If you think the First Amendment of the Constitution explicitly grants you the right to free speech, you are completely wrong.

Peace Poor: Is it better to deal with disagreements through force or free trade?

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Fairfield County Weekly (10/15/2009)

Perhaps the Nobel Prizes for Peace and Economics should go to the same person, because war and poverty both result from disagreements over scarce resources. People don't disagree much about abundant resources. No one has died of rampant suffocation or invaded another country for better oxygen, because we all have access to it. But once governments pollute so much that their own people can't breathe, they must migrate, sometimes through force, or stay and die.

Chris Dodd: Confidence Man -- Our senator wants us to have more faith in a system that was always a giant fraud

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Fairfield County Weekly (10/1/2009), (10/8/2009)

Sen. Christopher Dodd wants you to “have confidence” in his financial system, and he is willing to put your money where his mouth is to make it happen.

The Tuned Feds

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Fairfield County Weekly (9/3/09), Hartford Advocate (9/3/09), New Haven Advocate (9/3/09), (9/9/09)

Ralph Hull, an early 20th century Ohio magician, was able to achieve one of the most amazing magic feats of all: He could repeat a trick to fellow magicians, and they couldn't guess his secret.

Public Option Sports

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Fairfield County Weekly (8/20/2009) Link, (8/27/2009) LRC

We are about to get a public option on health care, an idea so incontrovertibly great that it ought to be extended to other fields. The government simply provides more choice and more competition.

There are already public options for mail delivery and mass transit — the United States Postal Service and Amtrak. Sure, those entities do under-perform the private alternatives, such as FedEx and Greyhound. But at least the public option is supported by monopolistic laws preventing direct competition!

The Neanderthal Vote: Did the Neanderthals die out because of universal health care?

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Fairfield County Weekly (8/6/09) Link, Hartford Advocate (8/6/09) Link, New Haven Advocate (8/6/09) Link, (8/12/09) Link

We know that Neanderthals and early Homo Sapiens (i.e., us humans) overlapped for tens of thousands of years. Neanderthals existed for about one hundred thousand years before going extinct, and the bulk of the evidence suggests they did not interbreed with us, though we did share a common ancestor. They were our distant cousins.

There must have been some critical difference that let us flourish but killed them off, but no one knows for sure what that difference is. We both used sophisticated tools, hunted animals, built shelters, buried our dead, sang and talked, and wore clothes.

Universal Government

Originally Published In: (8/4/09) Link

The cost of government has exploded in recent years and if we don’t act fast, the price will continue to soar, eventually leaving affordable government out of the reach of many.

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