The Israeli Libertarians: A small movement for freedom begins in one of the most statist countries on the planet

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Fairfied County Weekly (3/18/2010), New Haven Advocate (3/18/2010), (3/24/2010)

Boris Karpa: Student, blogger and Israeli libertarian.
Photo courtesy of Boris Karpa.

Meet the Republicans: Answers from four men who would like to be your next congressman

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Fairfied County Weekly (3/18/2010)

Six men face off in the Republican primary for the privilege of running against Democrat incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Himes in the Fourth District. In alphabetical order, they are state Sen. Dan Debicella, Oxford grad Will Gregory, Easton First Selectman and most recent newcomer to the race Thomas Herrmann, finance executive Rob Merkle, former state Sen. Rob Russo, and former Bridgeport RTC Chair Rick Torres.

Failing at Freedom: Barack Obama is not a libertarian. He couldn't even recognize one.

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Fairfield County Weekly (3/4/2010), Hartford Advocate (3/4/2010), New Haven Advocate (3/4/2010)

President Barack Obama addressed the Business Roundtable last week to deny allegations of socialism and to proclaim his "ardent belief in free markets."

Nuremberg Odds: Chances are slim Obama will give accused terrorists the kind of trials the World War II powers gave the Nazis

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Fairfied County Weekly (2/18/2010)

After World War II, the victorious nations negotiated amongst themselves how to try the leaders of Nazi Germany. They settled on military tribunals held in Nuremberg. The U.S., Britain, the Soviet Union and France each provided one judge, one alternate and one prosecutor. German lawyers acted as defense attorneys. Twenty-two high-ranking Nazi leaders were tried.

Only 12 were sentenced to death, and only three others got a life sentence. Of the remaining seven, four got jail sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years, and three were acquitted outright.

False Victory: Obama has a "mission accomplished" moment in the war on the economy

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Fairfied County Weekly (2/4/2010)

Nearly seven years ago, President Bush stood on the flight deck of a warship and declared victory in Iraq. "My fellow Americans," Bush said, "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." A "mission accomplished" banner infamously hung in the background.

It turned out, of course, that we had barely begun murdering Iraqis and sacrificing Americans.

Freedom to Fornicate: When it comes to sex, we are all libertarians. Why aren't we on all issues of personal freedom?

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Fairfield County Weekly (1/21/2010), Hartford Advocate (1/21/2010), The Liberty Voice (1/26/2010)

On any other matter, people largely divide into left and right camps, each trying to legislate their own morality, but if you look at the two major government parties, you would think that nobody believes speech should be as free as sex.

The left wants to censor anti-environmentalists and the right wants to censor anti-imperialists. Speech is okay so long as it is pre-approved by those in power. We can't allow racist speech or hate speech or unpatriotic speech. Commerce and trade is even more regulated.

Your Inner Yankee: What do film heroes, Libertarians and our nation's founders have in common?

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Fairfied County Weekly (1/7/2010), Hartford Advocate (1/7/2010), New Haven Advocate (1/7/2010)

Why are good guys so dumb? Pick any movie over the past few decades that had a protagonist with a heart of gold and chances are they also had a head of brick. The bad guys are always smart but evil, and we are left reluctantly rooting for the virtuous but somewhat slow hero. They are all a bunch of Homer Simpsons, bumbling and making mistakes for 89 minutes before their moral sense kicks in and they channel their inner strength to do the right thing before the credits roll.

We're Screwed!

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Fairfied County Weekly (12/24/2009), Heartland Institute's Budget & Tax News (2/14/2010)

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The Secret Life of Maccabees: Was the miracle of Hanukkah an editorial rewriting of history?

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Fairfied County Weekly (12/17/2009), Hartford Advocate (12/17/2009)

How did Hanukkah, celebrated this week, actually come to be?

The popular explanation is that the eternal flame of the Temple in Jerusalem burned for eight nights on a supply of purified olive oil that should have lasted for only one. This was after the Temple had been rededicated following the Maccabees Revolt, in which a Jewish rebel army ousted the Seleucid Empire, which had outlawed the practice of Judaism, from parts of Israel.

Recall the Maymin Plan? There was once a more sensible and promising version of Obama's Afghanistan plan — but you didn't listen

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Fairfied County Weekly (12/10/2009), Hartford Advocate (12/10/2009), New Haven Advocate (12/10/2009)

In 2006, when I was running to represent you in Congress, I offered a concise, clear plan on Iraq. I was the only candidate on the ballot to present a specific exit strategy from that morass.

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