Eye of the Behemoth

Good news, frolicking girls and slackjawed boys! You no longer need to fly south for the winter to be caught on tape performing arguably illicit activities. In a few weeks, you can simply set foot in the city of Stamford and wave a hearty hello to the new surveillance cameras. Big Brother has come to Stamford, and he’s got lots of DVDs to burn.

The Third January Effect

You do two things every January: You buy back the stocks you sold in December, and you sign up at a health club. “You,” of course, is the hypothetical individual studied by economists, sold to by businesses, and pandered to by politicians (and honored as 2006’s person of the Year by Time magazine). But what is the hidden third thing that “you” do every January, as regards your politics?

Law of the Bungle

An ill-advised Connecticut law helps explain why incarceration rates are so high in the U.S.

What are you in for? “I sent spam to kids.”

You monster!

Ever wonder why America has more people in jail than any other country, including China? Or why the United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country on earth? Here’s why: We ignore our Constitution and pass stupid laws.

The Blue-Law State

Radical Puritans, Hessians, and Connecticut: The First Christmas Tree in America

Should it be illegal to celebrate Christmas? It was when the Puritans ran New England.

Offensive Fowl

It's not just the voted-out congressmen who are lame ducks - It's Joe Lieberman and Christopher Shays too

This week, Congress begins its “lame duck” session before the new Democratic majority takes over in January. Where does the term “lame duck” come from? And what does it mean for Fairfield County?

What Connecticut History Can Teach Us About The War In Iraq

In the past month, we’ve both eaten turkeys and voted them out of office—but the roots between Thanksgiving, politics, war, and the Nutmeg State go deeper than that.

Connecticut is known as the Constitution State because it was the home of the first written constitution in the history of the world, but it could also equally well be called the Thanksgiving State because it was the home of the first adoption of an annual day of general thanksgiving.

The funny thing is, both happened in the same year.

Why Chris Shays Won

The biggest shock of the fourth district Congressional race, in retrospect, was that Democrat Diane Farrell lost. If all you had known after the election was that Democrats had won the House, you would have assumed this district was a key contributor.

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